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Making your business work smarter by implementing an e-Business strategy does not have to be difficult. One place to start is to look at how paper is being used now. Then we can begin the task of removing it.

The processing, managing and storing of vast amounts of paper is slowly choking so many companies and seriously impeding their ability to compete in a global market.To help you become a more efficient business I am offering a six part guide that will allow you to cost effectively and efficiently remove the majority of the paper from your organisation.

Based on many years of experience delivering consultancy services across the globe, this seminar will make you more informed about what strategy to employ for your office, give you an action plan for the future and help with the delivery of a business case. It will also provide an insight into the types of technologies available and what benefit they will deliver to your organisation.
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As part of this seminar we will be looking at a number of different technologies, including;
Document Management
Records Management
Business Process management
Document Image Processing

If you have or are considering purchasing or have already purchased of these product lines, read this on-line tutorial, it will make sure your company does not over spend or buy inappropriate software.

The focus of these technologies is to remove paper out of the process, for this reason I have titled this tutorial

The Less Paper Office

What do you have to loose?  This seminar is free….